Can You SAY That? Ethics of Working With Court Reporters

When:      Wednesday, January 25, 2017; 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
Where:     Bar Association of San Francisco, 301 Battery St., 3rd Floor, San Francisco
For those unable to attend in person, this workshop and handouts are available for purchase through the Bar Association of San Francisco via OnDemand, webcast, DVD or podcast

Many attorneys are unaware of court reporters’ legal and ethical duties as officers of the court and impartial guardians of the record, and they sometimes unwittingly place reporters in the uncomfortable position of circumventing their responsibilities under government, civil and professional codes. Our panel of experts will discuss real-life scenarios as well as legislation that may impact attorney-reporter business relationships. One of our panelists will demonstrate realtime technology, which provides an instant transcription of shorthand into English onto participants’ laptops and mobile devices. The workshop will conclude with a lively Q&A dramatization to demonstrate common requests or statements lawyers make to court reporters.
Topics include:
• Ethics rules and statutes governing court reporters
• How the “SoCal stipulation” impacts chain of custody of original transcripts
• What you should never say to a court reporter
• Does contracting and gifting influence impartiality and ethics?
• Hon. Charlotte Walter Woolard
• Brooke Ryan, CSR, RPR (President of CCRA)
• Diane Freeman, CSR, RPR (Vice-President-Elect of DRA)
• Kelly Bryce Shainline, CSR, RPR, CRR (Co-owner, BARS)
• Ana Fatima Costa, RPR, CSR (ret.) (Author, Coach & Speaker) 

Hon. Charlotte Walter Woolard joined ADR Service, Inc. after 22 years of judicial experience in multiple civil and family law departments. She held several positions in court leadership as Supervising Judge of the Unified Family Court and Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division. Prior to her appointment on the bench, Judge Woolard was a civil litigator at a major national law firm.

Diane Freeman, CSR, RPR began her career in 1982 as a freelance deposition and court reporter and is co-owner of Freeman Reporting. She is the Vice-President-Elect of the Deposition Reporters Association. 

Brooke Ryan, CSR, RPR is an official court reporter of the Sacramento County Superior Court. She is serving her second term as President of the California Court Reporters Association, is the Chair of the United Public Employees and president of the Sacramento Official Court Reporters Association. Promoting the court reporting profession through legislative advocacy and supporting court reporting students are her passions.

Ana Fatima Costa, RPR, CSR is a consultant, author, coach, trainer and speaker. She utilizes the experience gained in her 37-year reporting career as a freelance court and deposition reporter, office manager and sales executive to coach and mentor court reporting students and new reporters, as well as educate the legal community about court reporters’ crucial role as impartial guardians of the record. 

Kelly Bryce Shainline, CSR, RPR, CRR began her court reporting career with the United States District Court, Northern District of California and later became an official court reporter at Alameda County Superior Court in criminal and civil matters. She is now a freelance court and deposition reporter and co-owner of Bay Area Reporting Solutions.