Court reporting is an honorable profession with an illustrious past and an exciting future. With the rapid advancement of technology, court reporters are needed even more today than when the Sumerian scribes began preserving the record in 3500 B.C.

Today’s court reporters are highly trained, tech-savvy guardians of the record who are able to stream realtime* over the web simultaneously to parties participating in depositions at locations all over the world, and to provide broadcast captioning or CART voice-to-text instant visual displays of breaking news, seminars, sports, conferences and other events for hard-of-hearing persons. No machine, electronic recording or app can replace a live court reporter!

The path to becoming a licensed court reporter requires courage, perseverance, focus, endurance, and flexibility. Through my reporter-of-record apprenticeships, court reporting students and new reporters learn to …

  • Feel CONFIDENT in their steno writing, editing, proofreading, and transcribing skills
  • Master speaking up to get a verbatim record (the #1 challenge of all working reporters)
  • Develop proficiency in managing myriad tasks and challenges in their education and career


Since 2008, I have provided real-life apprenticeship opportunities for reporting students and new reporters in hundreds of reporter-of-record mock deposition and mock trial events at law schools, law firms, courthouses, and private venues throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. As a result of my mentorship and training, I am known in the reporting student community as Mock Woman.

Unlike traditional internships, where a reporting student shadows a working reporter, my apprentices feel what it’s like to be THE REPORTER:  They speak up as often as needed to get the best record they can, mark exhibits and produce rough or final transcripts**

These “role play” mock events are win-win opportunities for all participants:

  • Law students and attorneys benefit from a reporter interrupting them to ensure the integrity of the record when they mumble, speak too fast, or talk over one another. Later, by reading my apprentices’ rough drafts or final transcripts, they learn how to improve their questioning and defending skills and future performance.
  • Reporting students and new reporters are able to overcome fear, nervousness, and anxiety; learn how and when to interrupt; develop self-confidence; the benefits of working with a team; and to immediately utilize the lessons from these extra-curricular practical skills events in their training and career.


  • Swear in witnesses
  • Speak up to ensure the integrity of the record
  • Mark exhibits
  • Produce rough drafts or final transcripts
  • Manage stressful situations and personalities


  • Case files, exhibits & dictionaries 
  • Participants’ names
  • Sample transcript templates
  • Protocol and instructional manual
  • Group and individual coaching
  • One-on-one transcript review

Individual and group coaching provide insights, tips and solutions. Effective coaching processes help to build resilience and gain confidence. See my Coaching page for more info!
Reporting Students and New CSRs:  
Would you like to expand your professional skills in a real-life setting?
Mock Deposition/Mock Trial Skills Training Sessions – Multiple reporters needed
SPRING 2021 – San Francisco Bay Area
* Realtime is the instant transcription of a reporter’s shorthand into English, visible on attorneys’ standalone computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

**Unlike shadowing, you are THE REPORTER at these mock events.


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