Steno Mastery E-Book

Discover the effective, powerful tools and strategies that are helping court reporting students and court reporters worldwide achieve STENO MASTERY and increased SELF-CONFIDENCE. This book is comprised of two parts:

Part 1Five Common Stumbling Blocks that impede forward momentumSB4-no arrow_Fiverr_101515

  1. Negative Self-Talk
  2. Inconsistent Progress
  3. Personal Challenges
  4. Lack of Motivation
  5. Lack of Support and Understanding

Each chapter offers some of the most profound, transformative tools and resources available.

Part 2 Five Golden Rules to develop exceptional writing skills. By implementing the step-by-step practices detailed in each chapter, students experience greater confidence and are able to move forward in school and pass exams.

  1. Write Cleanly, Drop, Repeat
  2. Punctuate As You Write
  3. Finger Drills and Exercises
  4. Slow Down to Speed Up
  5. Write 50+ WPM Above Your Current Speed

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Click on the book image or here to download 0-225:  Your Guide to Writing Mastery.  (Version 2 will be titled 0-225:  Your Guide to Steno Mastery and will include an audio version and bonus guided meditation.)

Are you ready to dive into the 5 Golden Rules to Steno Mastery Course in depth to develop shorthand mastery and self-confidence?


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