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(c) 1984 - 2015 Ana Costa. .All RightsIn 2008, I began writing a book about the most profound event of my life — journeying to the Soviet Union during the Cold War while eight months pregnant to give birth to my baby as a gesture for world peace. Alexander was born in our room at the Hotel Pribaltiskaya in Leningrad in September 1984.

In one of the many synchronistic events that occurred before and during this journey, Soviet journalist Valery Kislov “happened” to be visiting the hotel shortly after Alex’ birth and published our story in Komsomolskaya Pravda. Soon, piles of letters and packages began to arrive at the hotel. We were interviewed by Soviet and American press. Soviet citizens cried, gave us their hard-earned money, sent telegrams, bought baby clothes, and invited us into their homes to thank us, grateful that we two Americans did not want war.

Included in their heart-warming letters were photos of their babies and families. Many of them wrote, All we want is blue skies.

Watch a CBS Morning news TV interview broadcast live from Moscow when Alex was two weeks old on my YouTube Channel.

Interview at Birth Ceremony_LeningradFor 23 years, my fear of being judged, criticized and ridiculed stopped me from writing about this event. Yet, this “story” will not be complete until it is told in writing. My soul keeps nudging me, like a dull ache that won’t go away. Just as it did when I traveled 5500 miles by air, water and land to the other side of the planet, on the brink of giving birth, not knowing what was going to happen, but trusting it would all work out.

When the Ukraine became a war zone in the fall of 2014, I was heartbroken while watching footage of the destruction in Kiev, remembering our stay in this beautiful city the week before Alex was born. At that time, I judged myself for not completing the book by his 30th birthday. One evening at sunset, as I walked barefoot along the beach, my soul spoke to me in a whisper:

“Just as when birthing a baby, your book will be “born” when it is ready.”

Jerry, Alex and me_palace of infants, LeningradRead a San Francisco Chronicle article published after we returned home: 092784 Chronicle article.

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