BePeace_Costa Rica_2kids-bigCourt reporters must maintain their composure at all times, no matter what drama may be going on in a deposition or trial or how they feel about it. Although I understood what feelings were intellectually, I had difficulty expressing my own. And needs? No idea. This ignorance resulted in several damaged relationships and three failed marriages.

In 2009, I was introduced to the scientifically-proven Connection Practice. The processes were grounded in science and made sense, so I decided to learn everything I could. Two years later, I was invited to be a facilitator at a course and had an epiphany.  

As I observed highly intelligent, educated participants struggling to understand the new language of self-empathy and feelings and needs. I realized:

(1) if people with advanced degrees were having difficulty adapting to new ways of responding to triggers, I could stop judging myself for doing the same; and

(2) that the foundation of all human conflict manifests from sensations (i.e., feelings) that arise in us when we have met or unmet needs:



When we’re faced with an emotional situation, the amygdala (aka the “reptilian” part of the brain) triggers stress and generates the “fight or flight” response faster than we can think. Based on past information and events, it can keep us trapped in negative emotional patterns, and we tend to overreact to situations. These patterns can lead to stress, heart disease and other health challenges and prevent us from experiencing happiness. In the extreme, violence may result.


The Connection Practice calms the reactions of the amygdala and allows you to:

— Let go of worry, anger, anxiety, fear and sadness quickly
— Achieve the highest brain function and tune into your intuition
— Attain emotional balance, even in times of great turmoil and stress
— Resolve internal and external conflicts peacefully

As a certified Connection Practice Coach and Trainer for individuals and groups, I help you find resolutions to conflicts within yourself and in your relationships. This practice provides a unique skill, with immediate understanding:  Self-empathy results when you connect with your feelings and needs, and insight is accessed through connecting with your heart’s wisdom. Some of the results experienced by those who utilize this practice are self-acceptance; deeper connections with others; ability to pass exams; overcome apparent insurmountable challenges; increased emotional intelligence and resiliency, and much more.

Learn how to connect with YOUR feelings and needs, give yourself empathy, bring compassion to every situation and create a life that brings you greater HAPPINESS and EASE.  Click below to schedule your introductory session – the first 30 minutes are free. Then only $1.00 per minute!book consultation button

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